Bio-Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml & Mousto Balsamic Vinegar - 250ml

Bio-Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml & Mousto Balsamic Vinegar - 250ml

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Bio-Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made with the superior Koroneiki olives and ecological farming methods, this artisanal Extra Virgin Olive Oil is smooth and buttery with a bold aroma, attesting to the high quality of it’s ingredients. Never adulterated with other oils or contaminated with chemicals or preservatives (like all of our products), our Bio-Harvest Series allows us to give you a sustainably-farmed Extra Virgin Olive Oil for an unbeatable value! It has all of the health, taste and ecological benefits of organic farming, without the logo.

  • Smooth and buttery flavour
  • No chemicals, preservatives or other oils
  • Sustainably farmed for an unbeatable value

Mousto Balsamic Vinegar

Our Mousto Balsamic Vinegars recipe has been passed down for generations to create a mouth-wateringly sweet and tangy umami flavour that will transform your salads, vegetables, meats and seafood dishes into culinary works of art.

Our Mousto is certified organic, so like all of our products, we never use pesticides or chemicals to make it. It’s also free from preservatives, additives and dyes, so each batch may have variations in consistency. 

  • No artificial sweeteners or additives
  • Great for salads, vegetables, seafood, dipping bread and more


  • Acropolis Organics Bio-Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)
  • Acropolis Mousto Balsamic Vinegar (250ml)