Make Great Taste Your Tradition!

Every great meal begins with REAL ingredients. Chemical-free olive oils. Naturally aged vinegars. Our Bioharvest, traditional farming system is food made the old fashioned way. We believe it is the best way. 

From our family’s orchards in Crete, Greece to your kitchen table.  Delicious is only a step away…

Bioharvest & Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Acropolis Organics EVOO is made from  chemical-free, cold-pressed Koroneiki olives, and never blended. Perfect for your every recipe adventure! EVOO that’s Good Enough to Drink!


Organic Balsamic Vinegar

Say hello to our secret family recipe. Our Mousto Balsamic Vinegar is naturally sweetened with Petimezi –  Greek pronunciation: peh-tee-MEH-zee– a traditional recipe for grape molasses. Free of corn syrup and thickeners, this is the real-big-deal balsamic vinegar for serious food lovers. 


Organic Olives

Sliced olives. Whole olives. Pitted olives. Our olives are handpicked and cured in a brine of sea salt and vinegar, without the use of caustic sodas or dyes. Eat olives. For the health of it!


Organic Tapenade

Two delicious, preservative-free offerings made with Organic  Kalamata Olives or Green Olives. You’ll love it over crackers or crusty, artisan bread, or even as a topping for pizza.


Organic Olive Snacks

Our Kalamata and Green olives are handpicked and naturally cured, without the use of preservatives. Go ahead! Eat them by the handful.


We have been using the Acropolis products for the past 7 years. The quality is in a "League of Their Own!!!!" From the Oil to the Vinegars to the Olives to the Spreads- the quality is far above the rest!!!!

Tom Papadopoulos

 I could drink that olive oil right from the bottle it’s so delish. You actually feel it doing amazing things in your body. It’s so good for you. I will only buy Acropolis Olive Oil. 

Evelyn Meditskos

BEST ORGANIC OLIVE OIL EVER!!! I can't even imagine to think about getting another kind of olive oil ever again. The taste of it is second to none! 

Gabrielle Gunawan

Glaze It Up with Our New Organic Balsamic Glazes!

I want to Glaze It Up!