Organic Sliced Blonde Olives Jar  by Acropolis Organics. Naturally cured in sea salt and  vinegar, without preservatives or caustic sodas. Fermented superfood that full of  probiotics.

Organic Blonde Sliced Olives, 315mL

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The Craft

Say hello to easy meal-prep!  Our Organic Blonde Sliced Olives take the work out of messy slicing and chopping. Ready to serve as delish pizza or salad toppings, they’ll be your go-to time-saver for every olive-licious adventure.

Our Organic Blonde Olives are grown in select family orchards in Argolida, Peloponnese Greece.  They are harvested by hand at the peak of freshness to avoid bruising the tender, meaty flesh. 

• Free of chemicals or pesticides
• Free of caustic sodas or dyes
• 100% Organic

Cured in a traditional, mineral-rich brine of sea salt, local spring water, and organic vinegar, Organic Blonde Sliced Olives offer gut-friendly probiotics in each bite. 

Put away the chopping boards.  Pick up the easy-yum toppings of Organic Blonde Sliced Olives.


    Use as toppings for pizza, wraps, and sandwiches. Mix with ground meat or your favorite meat alternative (+ a splash of Mousto Balsamic vinegar + seasonings ) for a super burger. 

    Add to  scrambled eggs (with feta and diced tomatoes) for a low carb lunch.

    Blonde olives*, water, vinegar*, sea salt. *organic