Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 Bottles)

Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 Bottles)

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The Craft

Say hello to  living well with EVOO that is O-live-licious!  Our Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with all natural and sustainable farming methods instead of the industrial farming practices that rely on synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides.

Our groves and olive trees are never contaminated with chemicals and our oils are never adulterated.

Certified Organic in accordance to the strictest industry standards. Approved by the European Union and Bio Hellas Certification Agency. 

Made with monovarietal Koroneiki Olives, known as the “King of Olives”.

  • Low acidity for increased nutritional profile
  • Handpicked & raw cold pressed
  • Protected Designation of Origin

Let it be MORE THAN Organic. Let it be O-Live Science!


Drizzle onto salads and substitute for saturated fats in your favourite dessert recipes.

Add to smoothies for added nutrition.

extra virgin olive oil* - *organic